Tali’s Joburg Diary
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18 November 2022

Tali’s Joburg Diary

Tali is coming home. Economy class. What. The. Actual.

Having shared her wedding in Tali’s Wedding Diary and then her pregnancy in Tali’s Baby Diary, Tali is moving back to Joburg in Season 3, determined to get Jayden into the premium preschool, Little Angels Hyde Park, and reclaim her crown, or at the very least the title of Class Mom. 

But planning a wedding and even giving birth have nothing on moving back in with your parents. Especially when you’re already at your wits’ end after years of baby rearing in lockdown, when Darren embraced the new normal a little too much, Goldprop all but dissolved, and your credit cards started bouncing. 

At the 2022 SAFTAs, Tali’s Baby Diary was named Best TV Comedy, with awards for Best Actress (Julia Anastasopoulos), Best Supporting Actress (Kate Normington), Best Directing (Ari Kruger & Daniel Zimbler) and Best Editing in the TV Comedy category, and a further six nominations, including Best Actor for Anton Taylor, and Best Supporting Actress for Kate Pinchuck. 

She's getting married! Watch Tali's Wedding Diary 

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