Interview: This Body Works For Me – Gina

By Kamo Matlala8 February 2023

Interview: This Body Works For Me – Gina

Refiloe “Gina” Molwantwa (29) in This Body Works For Me comes from Mafikeng in North West. Gina comes from a very strict Christian family. Gina has two children. Her father is a pastor and Gina believes that everyone has to choose his or her own path, and hers was exotic dancing. Gina and her ex-best friend Ivy moved from Mafikeng to Johannesburg together to start their careers as exotic dancers.

Gina’s friendships and betrayals

When Gina came to Johannesburg, she and her ex-best friend found a job at Summit Strip club, which also provided them with accommodation. Unfortunately, the friends had a fallout after Gina supposedly chose to buy take-outs and have a nice time with her other friends instead of paying her cut of the rent. Shortly after the fallout, her ex-best friend ratted her out to her parents about being an exotic dancer. “This girl called my parents, and she sent them pictures of what I do for a living and also told them that I was missing, what kind of friend does that?”. 

She also had a fallout with another This Body Works For Me cast memeber Primadonna after she supposedly exposed her and Nodoli on social media while dancing at another club, which was against the rules at the club she works for full-time. This then crippled her friendship with Primadonna and broke her trust. “After what happened with Ivy and Primadonna, I don’t trust anyone anymore. People are looking out for themselves only and they will sabotage you in the process.” 

Gina’s relationships with her family

Gina had a good relationship with her parents without them knowing what she does. Soon after her parents found out about the type of work she does, they stopped communicating with her for a while and she believes that it has brought a lot of shame to their name and her father’s reputation.

“My dad is still mad at me, he didn’t even call me on my birthday, he has never missed my birthday and this year he didn’t even bother himself, it’s really heartbreaking.” She is yet to mend fences with her family and she hopes that they would one day put it behind them and move on. 

Gina’s worst experiences in the adult industry

In This Body Works For Me, Gina expresses that she does not like fake people or bullies. She has met many in her life, especially since she moved to Johannesburg. Gina was involved in an altercation that led to her breaking a bottle on someone’s head, which she regrets even today.

“I always ask myself, what if she’d died or had any brain damage or even laid charges on me. She was wrong for assaulting me but my actions had greater consequences and I’m very fearful of how my anger takes over my mind and my body.” 

Gina’s goals 

Gina aspires to be a DJ one day. She enjoys entertaining people and she believes that music is an amazing way to bring people together and have fun. Growing up, Refiloe had no self-confidence and very low self-esteem. She created Gina as an alter ego – the exact opposite of who Refiloe was – and she believes that creating a persona to achieve things in life was the best thing for her. 

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