Outlaws Season 1 episodes 9-10 recap: Can Bandile trust Dumisani Dlamini?

By Xabiso Ngqabe4 October 2023

Outlaws Season 1 episodes 9-10 recap: Can Bandile trust Dumisani Dlamini?

This week’s episodes of Outlaws Season 1 deliver thrilling twists and a cliffhanger we didn’t see coming. Outlaws is Showmax’s latest epic drama that has the streets talking and holds steady at number one on the streaming platform.

South Africa’s first contemporary Western series, Outlaws is already gaining a huge fan following, who tune in every Wednesday for new episodes. If viewers aren’t rooting for the two star-crossed lovers Sihle and Leruo, they are hating on the troublemaker Tlali, who has been on a killing spree, taking the Zulus out one by one.

What happened in Outlaws episode 7-8?

In episodes 7-8 of Outlaws, Sihle told Kwanele she’s ready to get married, despite finding herself in a predicament that involves her fiancé Kwanele and her Sotho romantic interest Leruo. Meanwhile, Tlali went on a rogue raiding mission, ruthlessly murdering farmers and stealing several cows. The episode ended with Leruo seducing Sihle over an intimate call that left Sihle feeling guilty for crossing moral boundaries.

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Let’s get right into this week’s episodes brimming with unexpected twists and an ending that left us needing answers.

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Tlali’s reckless actions continue to spiral

Keketso Mpitso as Tlali in Outlaws now streaming on Showmax

Outlaws Season 1 episode 9 opens with Tlali and his ruthless gang celebrating yet another successful raid, this time without the knowledge of Moretlo or Leruo. They’ve stolen 25 cows and left a trail of bloodshed, but the tension escalates as they argue about how they’re going to split the money.

Later on, as the police catch wind of the Sotho raiders, a deadly showdown ensues, resulting in one of Tlali’s men, Tuma, losing his life. Tlali’s recklessness continues to push the boundaries, making him one of the most captivating yet problematic characters in Outlaws. It’s only been a month since Outlaws premiered on our screens but viewers already love to hate Tlali for all his troublemaking! 

Bandile’s damning revelation

Thembinkosi Mthembu as Bandile Biyela in Outlaws now streaming on Showmax

Bandile faces his own demons when he discovers the aftermath of more cattle raids committed by the Basotho. As the grim reality of his past actions resurfaces, he realises that his own skeletons might come to light before long. 

Lungile Radebe plays Sipho in Outlaws now streaming on Showmax

A young boy named Sipho, played by rising star Lungile Radebe (Meet Melusi), seeks Bandile’s help, having lost his parents to the same Basotho cattle thieves. Sipho says,  “I want you to help me find the bastards that murdered my parents. I want to kill them the same way you killed your parents’ murderers.” This rattles Bandile to the core, reminding him of his own quest for revenge. 

Leruo drinks away the pain

Outlaws S1 is streaming on Showmax

Heartbroken Leruo drowns his sorrows in alcohol. He struggles to come to terms with Sihle’s impending marriage. While he’s out drinking, a young boy Mosa (played by child star Katleho Mabote), a fatherless young boy desperate to join the raid crew, adds a layer of complexity to Leruo’s life. The young man asks to join Leruo’s cattle raiding crew, so he can make extra money to provide for his little sister.

Later, Leruo impulsively proposes to his longtime girlfriend Nyakallo, leaving us questioning the sincerity of his intentions. 

Heartbreak and dire consequences

Outlaws is on Showmax

In episode 9, tension between Bab’ Dlamini and Sihle escalates as he insists she quit her medical career and also drop her Biyela surname, in stark contrast to her wish to continue using it professionally.

Meanwhile, emotions run high when a grieving woman blames Tlali and his father for the recent raid that cost her father’s life. A tense standoff occurs, only to be defused by the intervention of Lebua, who offers financial support in a moment of empathy.

Betrayal and a shocking revelation

Outlaws is on Showmax

Just when we think things couldn’t get any worse, Sihle embarks on a quest to find Leruo, and when they reunite, the pair gets intimate. We see them kissing and professing their love for each other, leaving us wondering about the impending marriage with Kwanele.

But something else is happening elsewhere at the same time. The Top 4 is waiting for someone and it seems like a very important person they know well from the past. While Bandile grapples with the Basotho threat, and has sought help from Bab’ Dlamini, who promised to assist, the intrigue deepens when we see Dlamini visiting the enigmatic Top 4, leaving us eager to uncover the full extent of his involvement.

With the plot thickening and questions unanswered, stream Outlaws on Showmax. All the episodes of Outlaws are now streaming. Love Outlaws? Stream 10 more Westerns on Showmax and read more about Outlaws cast here ».

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