How to

Max data saving

Stream Showmax for less data

The Max Data Saving mode that uses just 50MB per hour. This is currently available within the iOS mobile version of the Showmax app.

Showmax 1Voucher

How to use your 1Voucher to get Showmax

Buy a 1Voucher for any amount you choose, then head over to the Showmax website to pay for your monthly subscription. It’s easy. 

How to live chat with Showmax

How to live chat with Showmax

Find out how to live chat with Showmax to get all your questions about the service answered in record time!

Showmax smart TV app

How to watch Showmax on the smart TV app

Here’s how to use the Showmax app on your smart TV so that you can stream on the big screen – and what to do if you don’t have a smart TV. 

Showmax Originals_TV

How to pay for Showmax

Don’t have a credit card? Shy when it comes to making online payments? No problem – you can still get Showmax.

Showmax on tablet

What devices can I use?

Your Showmax subscription lets you watch on two devices at the same time and you can register up to five devices to watch on. Here’s a list of all the devices you can watch Showmax on, plus info on how to manage them and to limit your data use.

How to upgrade to Showmax Pro

How to upgrade to Showmax Pro

To live stream selected sports events on your phone, tablet, smart TV or PC across Africa, upgrade to Showmax Pro.


How does Showmax work?

Showmax is a streaming service with the best movies and series in Africa. Find out about Showmax plans, pricing, packages and more.

How to get the Showmax app

How to get the Showmax app

Downloading the iOS, Android, smart TV, Huawei, Xbox One or PS4 app for Showmax is easy. Here’s how.

How to pay with Showmax vouchers

How to pay with Showmax vouchers

What’s the deal with Showmax vouchers? Here’s a quick guide on where to buy them and how to use them.

How to set up a Showmax Profile for your kids

How to set up a Showmax Profile for your kids

Make sure your kids are protected from inappropriate content using Showmax’s Profiles feature.

How to check if your smart TV supports live streaming

How to check if your smart TV supports live streaming

Everything you need to know about smart TVs and live streaming with Showmax Pro.

Showmax Originals_TV

How do I watch Showmax on DStv?

You’ve heard about Showmax and now you want to try it for yourself? Here’s what you need to know.


Your guide to Showmax and the DStv Explora

Got questions about using Showmax with your DStv Explora in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya? We answer them all right here!

Why do shows leave Showmax?

Why do shows leave Showmax?

It’s frustrating when a series or movie you’ve been watching on Showmax isn’t available any more. So why does this happen?

Have an idea for a Showmax Original?

Have an idea for a Showmax Original?

Do you have an idea that you think could be the next Crime and Justice, or a worthy successor to Life with Kelly Khumalo? Here’s how to submit an unsolicited proposal for a Showmax Original. 

How to stream movies and series online

How to stream movies and series online

A beginner’s guide to streaming your favourite series and movies on Showmax, and why you should.

How to download with Showmax: everything you need to know

How to download with Showmax: everything you need to know

Showmax downloads are only available on phones and tablets – here’s how it works. 


Got a Showmax account question?

We answer some of your most frequently asked questions about your Showmax account.


How to save data on Showmax using bandwidth capping and downloads

Showmax‘s bandwidth capping and downloads features can dramatically reduce how much data is needed to stream.

How do I get Showmax

How do I get Showmax?

Here’s how easy it is to sign up for Showmax. No contracts. No adverts and starting at only R39 per month. 

Showmax on TV

Does Showmax have subtitles?

Yes, Showmax does have subtitles for the best series and movies, and they’re in English. Unfortunately, not every single show will have subtitles. 

The Queen is on Showmax

How to watch Mzansi Magic online

With a bumper line-up of Mzansi Magic shows, with some of them coming express to subscribers’ screens every single weekday, Showmax delivers your local series fix.

Boer Soek 'n Vrou is on Showmax

How to watch kykNET online

Want to catch up on your favourite kykNET shows online, even if you don’t have a DStv subscription? Showmax is the answer.